2018 Vegas Whispers Pickem Contest Official Rules


Quick Summary:

- This is a Sports betting pick’em contest for College Football and Pro Football.

- Each week is a stand alone contest with weekly prizes to compete for.

- In weeks 11-16, you are limited to one entry each week per user. Any user found to be entering multiple times will have all entries disqualified.

- The Top 3 Scorers each week (weeks 11-16) advance to the NFL Week 17 Championship Week competing for the Grand Prizes. This will mean there will be up to 18 teams vying for the Championship Prizes the Final Week.

- Each week there will be a required amount of games to select, ranging from 7-10 per week.

- Each week there will be mandatory games you must select from and optional games to pick from to meet the required amount of games.

- Each week you will select the winners with the spread for the required amount of games.

- Assign a confidence ranking 1-7, with 7 being the most confident and 1 being the least confident.

- Each correctly picked game with the spread will earn you the confidence points associated with that game.

- A push (a game that results in a tie after factoring in the spread) is considered a win in this contest and you’ll receive the confidence points you assigned to the game.

- You can select any game prior to the game beginning.

- Make sure to select the tiebreaker. Teams without a tie breaker assigned may be disqualified if tied.

- You can only win up to three entries in the Championship Round. If you have already won your maximum three entries, and you finish as a top 3 scorer again, the next best team will advance to the championship NFL Week 17.

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