(Who would have ever thought a digital company would have to have a "covid response". What a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World!)

We are dealing with this Covid thing as best we can. Going forward, here is how we will treat each situation:

- Any rescheduled game will be treated as a team's BYE week.
- If a game is postponed, any game played Wednesday or before will count for that previous week.
- If any team has a forfeit (does not make up the game) because of COVID violations, we will list all those players on that team as COVID SUSPENDED, which means that they would be eligible for Covid IR.

Here are some commish options you can use based on how your league wants to deal with the Covid disruptions:

Its possible a game may be rescheduled after the Sunday games have started. This one is trickier if the NFL does not announce a final decision before the games start Sunday. It could leave some team owners without full starting lineups. As admin and per your league rules, you can force lineup changes (bypassing the 'game has already started' block) through using the POST STARTERS/ROSTERS/TRADES screen.

As we announced already before the season, we have added a new injury designation for Covid (CV). For a player to be designated as CV on your roster (allowing you to free a spot and add another player) the player has to be listed as covid positive in the injury list supplied by us. This is only if a player is diagnosed, and does not apply to the full team of players being rescheduled. (for instance Cam Newton is eligible for this, but Julian Edelman is not).

League commisioners can set this option by going to EDIT LEAGUE SETTINGS and scroll to this item on the page (middle scroll). Set the number of players allowed per team.

Team Owner Procedure to put player on IR
- Go to ADD/DROP
- Choose a player from your roster to Covid IR (click on his name)
- He well then appear in the transaction box.
- Next to his name is the word ‘drop’
- Click on that and change it to ‘addtocovid’
- Click SUBMIT

If you want to be able to allow team owners to have the ability to make roster room for extra players, subbing out players on these rescheduled games, a work around is to use the FARM/PRACTICE SQUAD designation instead of Covid IR. It is setup exactly like the IR and will enable a roster spot for a new player, but will do so without requiring an injury status.

Its important to remember the FARM designation will require you as commish to monitor your team owners to remove the players from FARM team once the week is completed. We do not have an automated release mechanism. This also does not enforce who can or cannot go to FARM designation. This is just a work around for a difficult situation.

Email any questions you may have to

Mike Gregoire
FanStar Software Support