FanStar Fantasy League Manager

FanStar will run your fantasy football league online with all the bells and whistles of the other sites, plus a lot more: Live Stats, APPs, Custom Scoring, Logos, Hundreds of Layout/Report Combinations, Live Chat, Universally Praised Online Draft Room and much more! All this without any adverts cluttering up your site.


A List of Features That Are Second To None

   Exceptional Fantasy League Management Tool
   Live Scoring during all games
   Fast, Reliable Tech Support
   Mobile APP
   Customizable/Flexible Scoring
   Complete Mobile (tablet/smartphone) Interface
   Email/Text Notifications
   Quick, Easy Email Results
   Roto, Total Pts, Head-to-Head, or Combined
   Dynasty and Keeper League Support
   Support for Individual Defensive Players
   Player News and Notes
   Up to 32 teams/4 conferences
   Survivor League Support
   Automatic Scores/Results
   Custom League News and Polls

Player Movement Options:
   Waiver Wire
   Auction/Player Bidding
   Worst To First Player Acquisition
   First Come First Server Player Additions
   Salaries and/or Contracts
   Auction or Draft Leagues (prerank)
   Live Online Drafts or Offline Draft
   Injured Reserve or Farm Designation

Team Owner Options/Reports:
   APP for all team and commish functions
   Team Stats (YTD or Weekly)
   Team Stats Starters Only (YTD or Weekly)
   PreRank Players
   Cue Players
   Customize Logos and Information Like No Other Site!
   Customized Player News for your team only

Report Options:
   Injury Reports
   Depth Charts
   League Accounting
   Fantasy Schedule
   Pro Schedule
   Full Sport Statistics
   Draft Results
   Top Players
   Points Analysis
   Power Rank
   Betting Lines
   Coaching Efficiency Report
   Value Rank Report
   League History Report
   What If.. Report
   Weekly Rank/ Awards Report
   Top Players Report
   Last XX Weeks Report
   Player Trends Report
   Set Lineup Screen Analysis
   and too many more to mention!!

Site Layout Options:
   Mobile APP Team Manager
   Live Mobile Web Interface scores and results
   Choose from 20 site designs
   Renew/Multi-League Discounts


Early Bird Special: $49 [Complete League]
for the 2018 Season

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2016 Finalist for
(FSTA-Fantasy Sports Trade Association)
Software Provider for

2014-2018 Fantasy Football World Championships

25 Years of Running Fantasy Leagues

FanStar was providing fantasy football league service on Prodigy, AOL and Compuserve, the predecessors to the internet, long before anyone else.

What this means to you as a customer is that we have seen it all and know what the challenges are. We DONT have Sundays where you cant set your lineup because the server is overwhelmed. We DONT have bugs every 15 minutes that drive your league members crazy. We DO have support from a seasoned staff that know what they are doing and get you help quick.

No Advertisements Allowed!

You know what we are talking about. Most other sites squeeze as much advertising in their fantasy league commissioner products, even in their mobile apps, that take up too much room. We believe if you want to buy an NFL hat or jersey, go to the NFL store, not FanStar. We value your privacy and make our money by charging a small fee for each year of service.

Why We Never Heard of FanStar?

Since its inception, FanStar has been a closely held, private company. Its operations include fantasy league commissioner products for 5 major sports. For years FanStar has been providing a 'white label' product, meaning we were the infrastructure for other companies who branded the software as their own. We have been the backbone for over 50 fantasy sports branded labels. We have clients who run "in-house corporate contests" to Premiere clients who run the biggest and best National Fantasy Football contests in the nation. And for this reason, we held back on our marketing efforts to allow our clients to do their thing.

But first and foremost, our bread and butter is made from our loyal customers, the regular guy with a bunch of friends who want a clean, stable, fun fantasy league site to play on. We lead the industry with customer loyalty year over year. (We still have many of the Prodigy and Compuserve customers we started out with)

Dedication to Service

We know that its important that you have your questions answered and problems solved fast. We all make mistakes, and as commissioner, you feel the heat when something goes sideways with your fantasy league. We fix things, we cover your backside when these happen. We will take care of even the most boneheaded actions. You have us on your side.

Seasoned Software

Our fantasy league software is near 25 years old and has refined itself into a smooth operating system. Beware the new guys who have breakdowns and bugs that just frustrate the heck out of you.

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